Details Of Friv Games

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Details Of Friv Games

R4i Gold Edition for Nintendo DSi V1.4<br>

As one in the latest DSi card in the R4 brand heading to the marketplace, R4i Gold is another new R4i card after Hyper-R4i. Till now, the R4 series have Friv Games - grown to be a substantial - family, namely, R4, R4SDHC, R4u, R4i (Red Version), Hyper-R4i, and today's - R4i Golden version. Moreover, it had been suitable for the Nintendo DSi but can also be backwards suitable for the Nintendo DS and Nintendo DS Lite.Moreover, the R4i Gold is amongst the latest DSi card through the R4 brand to hit the market. It was suitable for the Nintendo DSi but is additionally works with the Nintendo DS and Nintendo DS Lite. What's more, the R4i's compatibility is can as much as version 1.4 of the Nintendo DSi firmware. The R4i Gold can accept up to 32GB Micro-SDHC cards.Let's take a peek at what number of "supports" get ready to experience from R4i Gold:Support SDHC micro sd cards (4GB???????8GB???????16GB???????32GB).1 x R4i Gold Edition DS Card (Slot-1)1 x USB microSD storage device reader / writer1 x R4 DS card caseFor more information about R4i Gold Edition, please login to or